Make Your Move is an effort from Missoula’s Intervention in Action Project, a group of community organizations dedicated to ending sexual violence. Its campaign’s goals are to: 1) Engage men and women as allies to prevent sexual violence by increasing awareness and education about the dynamics of sexual violence and 2) Encourage bystanders to foster healthy non-violent relationships and interrupt attitudes, language and actions that support sexual violence.

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tell white men they look too serious

tell them to smile

tell them if they don’t want to get made fun of they should have thought of that before they left their house

tell them girls will be girls anytime they complain about our behavior

yawn dramatically when they talk

walk away from them mid-sentence

anytime they come to a decision that concerns only them, make sure they’ve really thought about from all angles. Play devils advocate.

interrogate them on all their choices, demand answers! demand justifications!

take up the whole sidewalk and make them walk around you

explain obvious things to them. speak slowly and enunciate.

feign kindness and then yell at them if they don’t give you money in return. tell them they owe you.

trip them and then yell at them when they get mad about it

tell them how cute they are when they’re angry

tell them to stop being so emotional

tell them to learn how to take a joke

tell them they’re a kill joy

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so i went on the american apparel site today

looking at the socks








for reference

here’s one of the pictures for men’s socks


seriously i’m not one to complain about sexism much but i just looked on this site and??













????????????????????? I DON’T FUCKING GET IT????

"gendered marketing doesn’t exist!! shut up femenazi"

Moral of the story: I basically roleplayed birthday sex.

So I play D&D rather poorly (getting better!), but last night’s game was.. interesting.

I (or rather my character) sold my skills aka pretty much my soul to a Fae, becoming Lady Knight of the Summer Court, in a bargain to return a kidnapped NPC from an extremely powerful mage (because my character is “chaotic good” and impulsive and apparently dumb).  When said NPC is returned unharmed, ze (androgynous cleric who totally has been crushing on my character) proceeds to tell her how dumb she was, and ze pitches a hissy fit until everyone heads off to sleep.  To which my character takes hir well out of earshot, comes really close to punching hir in the face, and instead angry make-up sex was had.  (Can you have make-up sex the first time you have sex with someone?  Does it even matter since it’s fictional?)

Whelp now we officially know that “ze” is technically a “he”.  Also this was my DM’s idea of a birthday session, an episode of angst centered on me.  …Not gonna lie, it was definitely interesting, but that may just be because I love angst and “deal with the devil” type of plots.

Another thought on the Dark Planet Lit By No Sun


In symbolism, we tend to think of the moon as the opposite of the sun— and in some ways it is. The moon is tiny while the sun is enormous, it can only reflect light instead of generating it, it waxes and wanes instead of being a constant, it orbits rather than being the object orbited around.

But cosmically speaking, it’s a pretty unbalanced comparison.

Compare, then, “A planet of awesome size, lit by no sun”.

It’s big— enormous— if not star-sized, then certainly larger than the itty bitty dust mote that is Earth’s moon.

It doesn’t cast light, or reflect it, but is utterly dark. We can also assume that it either doesn’t orbit around a star, or orbits around a black hole— and don’t all celestial bodies orbit around a black hole, when you zoom out far enough?

And where the sun is a fireball that consumes everything within it— dude, no element is safe from the inferno— the dark planet is a source of life, full of oceans and forests and shrouded figures. 

Whatever cosmic primordial entity the Smiling God is, the Dark Planet is its opposite.