I wonder what would happen if somebody invented a video game wherein your vision is first-person camera and you never see a reflection or yourself or hear your own voice but you basically just have to do standard action game stuff and then at the end of the game it goes into third-person camera and BAM TURNS OUT YOU WERE A LADY ALL ALONG I would just be interested to know how that would be received by the gaming community


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HEY LISTEN! Chell Played the Song of Portals



With the annoying fairy robot Wheatvi as her only accomplice, Chell must use her trusty Ocarina of Portals to traverse a series of Testing Dungeons and gather the tools she needs to defeat GanonDOS once and for all, to free the the Princess Zelda from her encapsulation in the Aperture Enchantments Companion Crate.

My latest art ‘Song of Portals’, based on two of my favourite gaming franchises (Any long time readers probably already know how much I love Portal) is now available in T-Shirt form! Check it out HERE!

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